iPhone 12 Provides Better Battery Life Compared To Iphone 8

The iPhone 8 Plus has a smaller battery than the iPhone 12, so keep that in mind. All iPhone models just recently received a new software update. iOS 14. Even the iPhone came out in 2017.  A 9% difference already was pretty insane for an hour for the iPhone 8 plus. After an hour and four minutes, the iPhone 12 had a battery life of 90 minutes, while the iPhone 8 Plus had a battery life of 81 minutes. I went ahead and looked at it, and the iPhone 8 plus died at 4 hours 11 minutes in the ipcs12 with 48 battery life remaining, which is insane, in my opinion. There’s no way there’s a 48 difference between the iPhone 11’s battery life and the ips8 plus, kind of says. Technically speaking, my skill is a dumb one, but that’s a pretty big difference, and it hits in that extreme difference in battery life. I don’t think it would be to 48, in his opinion, so that pretty much covers it up.

iPhone 8 vs iPhone 12: battery life comparison.